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us /ðiz/

pl of this


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So, really, these bodies should already provide for a balance, and take into account the wishes of the union movement and environmental movement in the process.
You comment that these guidelines were adopted at too late a date, stressing, particularly your rapporteur, the risk that the previous programmes will be interrupted.
An integrated coastal zone management strategy can in fact provide a suitable framework for the sustainable exploitation of these zones and the activities carried out in them.
The amendments came in late through the back door and without there having been any great debate among the citizens over these major changes.
Under these new rules, which are identical all over the world, countries will not be allowed to consider the same product more harmful or less harmful than in other countries.
However, we have noticed in this case that one of these annexes raises a serious problem of immediate conformity and implementation for the industries concerned.
We must remember that these strategies are only the first step in what will hopefully become an on-going process of implementing and developing climate strategies.
The method of open coordination has praiseworthy social objectives, but even the indicators measuring some of these objectives are missing from the list of common indicators.
We must be tougher on vessels flying flags of convenience, not because they are necessarily bad boats, but because amongst these boats there are many bad ones.
Over recent years, these basic principles have often been neglected in animal husbandry and in epidemiological matters because of shoddy practice or greed.