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us /ˈθreʃˌoʊld, ˈθreʃˌhoʊld/

threshold noun (STARTING POINT)

[ C/U ] a point at which something starts:

[ C ] a low threshold for pain
[ U ] We are on the threshold of a new era.

threshold noun (ENTRANCE)

[ C ] the part of a floor at the entrance to a building or room:

It’s traditional for a man to carry his bride over the threshold.

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"threshold" in Business English

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thresholdnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈθreʃhəʊld/ us

the level or point at which you start to experience something, or at which something starts to happen or change:

increase/lower/raise the threshold They will reduce inheritance tax by raising the £255,000 threshold.
exceed/reach a threshold Insurers can make claims when their own losses exceed certain thresholds.
income/insurance/salary thresholds Income thresholds for audit exemption are being raised.
on the threshold of sth

at the start of a new and important time or development:

The US economy was on the threshold of a boom.

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However, the proposal to include an article establishing such threshold values is, however, more relevant to the proposal concerning genetically modified food and feed.
The threshold value is important if various forms of cultivation are to exist side by side because cross-pollination, for example, is technically impossible to preclude in nature.
Labelling requirements should therefore be applied on a highly restrictive basis and the threshold value should be kept as low as possible.
We feel that the proposed threshold of 1 000 m2 for upgrading is therefore the best possible compromise attainable at this early stage.
I would like to make a number of observations with regard to the distribution of processing and threshold quotas across the countries.
We would have linkage with the working costs, we would have the 1990s threshold, which applies in conjunction with the working costs.
On the threshold of enlargement this is so little that it does not make possible any operative additional expenditure at the cost of administrative expenditure.
We approve those changes relating to short-term measures which are to be implemented in each zone in which the threshold value is exceeded.
Since the existing threshold values have demonstrably failed to bring about any increase in cross-frontier exchange in the sphere of public contracting, we need have no qualms about raising them.
I tabled some amendments at second reading that would have brought the legislation on threshold values in the directive closer to the realities of the market.