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tie in

phrasal verb with tie uk /taɪ/ us verb tying, tied, tied

[ I or T ] MARKETING to plan something so that it happens as part of another activity:

tie in with sth The product launch date was set to tie in with the movie release.
tie sth in with sth If our product is reviewed in a journal, we try to tie it in with an advert placed in the same journal.
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[ I ] to match or work well with something:

tie in with sth The plan does not quite tie in with the aspirations of the club's owners.

tie-innoun [ C ]

/ˈtaɪɪn/ uk us

COMMERCE, MARKETING a product that is related to a film, event, TV show, etc. as part of a marketing campaign:

The toy company is investing less in film and book tie-ins.

COMMERCE, MARKETING the activity of marketing a product by connecting it to a film, event, TV show, etc.:

merchandising/movie/promotional tie-in The potential for merchandising tie-ins makes the TV deal very attractive.
The BBC animated series was a great hit and led to one of its first major tie-in deals.

FINANCE a condition stated in an agreement, especially relating to the minimum period of time the agreement can last:

When remortgaging, borrowers should be wary of very low-rate deals that come with extended tie-ins.

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