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treadverb [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ]

uk /tred/ us /tred/ trod or US also treaded, trodden or US and Australian English also trod

C2 mainly UK to put your foot on something or to press something down with your foot:

I kept treading on his toes when we were dancing.
Yuck! Look what I've just trodden in!
A load of food had been trodden into the carpet.
Before the days of automation, they used to tread grapes to make wine.

literary to walk:

He trod heavily and reluctantly up the stairs.
I sometimes see him flash past in his sports car as I tread my weary way (= walk in a tired way) to work.
tread water

to float vertically in the water by moving the legs and the arms up and down

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uk /tred/ us /tred/

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treadverb [ I/T ]

us /tred/ past tense trod /trɑd/ , past participle trodden /ˈtrɑd·ən/ trod /trɑd/

tread verb [ I/T ] (TAKE STEP)

to put the foot down while stepping, or to step on something:

[ I ] fig. I hope I haven’t trod on other people’s toes by saying this.



us /tred/

tread noun (PATTERN)

[ C/U ] the raised pattern on a tire that holds the vehicle to the road as it moves:

[ U ] fat tires with knobby tread

tread noun (STEP)

[ C ] the sound that someone’s feet make in walking:

I heard the heavy tread of my father overhead.

[ C ] A tread is also the horizontal surface on which you put your foot on a step.

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