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uk /ˈtriːt.mənt/ us /ˈtriːt.mənt/

treatment noun (DEALING WITH)

B2 [ U ] the way you deal with or behave towards someone or something:

Peter gets special treatment because he knows the boss.

[ C or U ] the way something is considered and examined:

The same subject matter gets a very different treatment by Chris Wilson in his latest novel.

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treatment noun (MEDICAL CARE)

B2 [ C or U ] the use of drugs, exercises, etc. to cure a person of an illness or injury:

free dental treatment
Perhaps it's time to try a new course of treatment.
This disease doesn't generally respond to (= improve as a result of) treatment.
There are various treatments for this complaint.

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us /ˈtrit·mənt/

treatment noun (WAY OF BEHAVING)

[ U ] the way you deal with or behave toward someone or something:

He accused the governor of giving rich people special treatment.

treatment noun (MEDICAL CARE)

[ C/U ] the use of drugs, exercises, etc. to improve the condition of an ill or injured person, or to cure a disease:

[ U ] Chronic back pain may not respond to treatment.

treatment noun (PROCESS )

[ C/U ] the process of putting a special substance on something or putting it through a special process in order to change its condition:

[ U ] The city is exploring other methods of water treatment.

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"treatment" in Business English

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uk /ˈtriːtmənt/ us

[ U ] a way of behaving towards someone or something:

equal/fair treatment for sb/sth The court order required equal treatment for female police department employees.
preferential/special treatment for sb/sth The tax reform will end three decades of preferential treatment for foreign companies.
treatment of sb/sth Their ethical range of meat products ensures the humane treatment of their farm animals.

[ C or U ] a way of dealing with something:

Investors are refusing to sell in the face of punitive tax treatment.
Changes in the treatment of capital gains are discussed in the report.

[ C or U ] PRODUCTION a process by which something is protected from damage or decay, cleaned, or made safe:

a treatment facility/plant/system The city's sewage treatment plant has been overwhelmed by recent rains.
Treatment of agricultural runoff is largely voluntary.

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