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Meaning of “trust” in the English Dictionary

"trust" in British English

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uk   us   /trʌst/

trust verb (BELIEVE)

B1 [I or T] to ​believe that someone is good and ​honest and will not ​harm you, or that something is ​safe and ​reliable: My ​sisterwarned me not to trust him. Trust me - I ​know about these things. Trust ​yourinstincts, and do what you ​think is ​right. I don't trust ​airtravel - it's ​unnatural. [+ obj + to infinitive ] I trust him to make the ​rightdecision. That man is not to be trusted. I wouldn't trust him with my ​car. Sometimes you have to trust in the ​goodness of ​humannature. However much you ​plan an ​expedition like this, you still have to trust to ​luck to a ​certainextent.
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  • He's such a ​liar - you can't trust a word he says.
  • I can't ​employ him in the ​shopunless I can trust him.
  • After what she did to me, I'll never trust her again.
  • You can trust Ruth because she always does things by the ​rules.
  • He's a ​slyolddevil - I wouldn't trust him with my ​money.

trust verb (HOPE)

C1 [I] formal to ​hope and ​expect that something is ​true: [+ (that)] I trust (that) you ​slept well? The ​meeting went well, I trust.


uk   us   /trʌst/

trust noun (BELIEF)

B2 [U] the ​belief that you can trust someone or something: a ​relationshipbased on trust and ​understanding We were ​obviouslywrong to putour trust in her. He's in a ​position of trust (= a ​position with ​responsibilities, ​especially to the ​public).take sth on trust to ​believe that something is ​truealthough you have no ​proof
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[C] a ​legalarrangement in which a ​person or ​organizationcontrolsproperty and/or ​money for another ​person or ​organization: Under the ​terms of the trust he ​receivesinterest on the ​money, but he cannot get at the ​money itself. The ​money that her ​fatherleft her is being held/​kept in trust (= being ​controlled) for her until she's 30.

trust noun (ORGANIZATION)

[C] an ​organization that ​controlsproperty and/or ​money for another ​person: He ​works for a ​charitable trust. Housing trusts ​help to ​providehouses for ​people who are not well off. [C] US used in the ​name of some ​banks: Morgan Guaranty Trust
(Definition of trust from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"trust" in American English

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trustverb [I/T]

 us   /trʌst/

trust verb [I/T] (BELIEVE)

to have ​confidence in something, or to ​believe in someone: [T] Trust me – I would never ​lie to you. [T] I was tested, but I’m not ​sure I trust the ​results. [I] I have ​finallylearned to trust in my own ​abilities.

trust verb [I/T] (HOPE)

to ​hope and ​expect that something is ​true: [T] I trust (that) you ​slept well?


 us   /trʌst/

trust noun (ARRANGEMENT)

[C/U] social studies a ​legalarrangement in which a ​person or ​organizationcontrolsproperty or ​money for the ​benefit of another ​person or ​organization: [U] The ​money is being ​held in trust for her until she ​turns 21. [C/U] social studies A trust is also a ​group of ​people or ​organizations that ​controlsproperty or ​money for ​its own ​benefit, or the ​property or ​moneycontrolled by the ​group: [C] The ​danger of trusts is that they can ​become very ​powerful.

trust noun (BELIEF)

[U] the ​belief that you can trust someone or something: Their ​relationship is ​based on trust and ​understanding. We were ​obviouslywrong to put ​our trust in her.
(Definition of trust from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"trust" in Business English

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uk   us   /trʌst/
[U] belief that you can depend on someone or something: Following the recent ​scandals the ​industry has to ​rebuild public trust. Any good ​businessrelationship is ​built on mutual trust. He was ​elected as a ​publicofficial in a position of trust.
[C or U] LAW, FINANCE a ​legalarrangement in which you give a ​person or ​organization the ​right to ​managemoney or ​property for a particular ​person or ​group of ​people that you have chosen to receive the ​money: In her will she set up a trust to ​provide scholarships for young musicians. His ​inheritance was held in trust until he ​reached 18. They ​consulted a ​solicitor on how to ​move the ​controlled trust ​money.
[C] LAW, FINANCE an ​organization that ​managesmoney or ​property for another ​person or ​group: set up/​establish a trust The ​company is ​owned by a trust on behalf of ​staff. She is ​director of the ​not-for-profit trust that ​runs the ​parks.
[C] LAW, FINANCE an ​arrangement between two or more ​companies to ​work together ​illegally, for ​example to ​controlprices: There are difficulties with the ​lawsrelating to ​illegal trusts. The ​agreement was ​found to have ​breached US anti trust ​laws.
(Definition of trust from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“trust” in Business English

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