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Meaning of “tune” in the English Dictionary

"tune" in British English

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uk   /tjuːn/  us   /tuːn/

tune noun (MUSICAL NOTES)

A2 [C] a ​series of ​musicalnotes, ​especially one that is ​pleasant and ​easy to ​remember: He was ​humming a tune as he ​dried the ​dishes. a ​theme tune That's a very catchy tune (= ​easy to ​remember and ​pleasant).
in tune C1 singing or ​playingnotes that are at the ​right pitch (= ​level) or that ​agree with ​others being ​sung or ​playedout of tune C1 singing or ​playingnotes that are at the ​wrong pitch (= ​level) or that do not ​agree with ​others being ​sung or ​played: I'm ​afraid the ​piano is out of tune.
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be in/out of tune with sb/sth C2 If you are in tune with ​people or ​ideas, you ​understand or ​agree with them, and if you are out of tune with them, you do not: Much of his ​success comes from being in tune with what his ​customerswant. Her ​theories were out of tune with the ​scientificthinking of the ​time.

tune noun (AMOUNT)

to the tune of to the ​statedamount: The City Council had ​financed the new ​building to the tune of over four million ​pounds.

tune noun (ENGINE)

tuneverb [T]

uk   /tjuːn/  us   /tuːn/

tune verb [T] (INSTRUMENT)

to ​change a ​part of a ​musicalinstrument so that the ​instrumentproduces the ​correctsounds when ​played: Get into the ​habit of tuning ​yourguitar every ​day before you ​practise. She tuned (up) her ​violin before the ​concert.

tune verb [T] (RADIO)

to ​move the ​controls on a ​radio, ​television, etc. so that it ​receivesprogrammesbroadcast from a ​particularstation: Press this ​button and the ​video will ​automatically tune itself to the next ​channel. His ​radio is ​constantly tuned to KROQ-FM, the ​localrockstation.

tune verb [T] (ENGINE)

to make ​slightchanges to an ​engine so that it ​works as well as ​possible: The enginecertainlyneeds tuning but there's nothing ​wrong with the ​car. Could you tune (up) the engine for me, ​please?
(Definition of tune from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"tune" in American English

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 us   /tun/

tune noun (MUSICAL NOTES)

[C] a ​series of ​musicalnotes, esp. one that is ​pleasant and ​easy to ​remember; a melody : That’s a very ​pretty tune.


[U] the ​state of being ​adjusted to the ​correct pitch (= ​degree to which a ​musicalnote is high or ​low) : This ​piano is out of tune (= the ​notes are too high or ​low). Paul just can’t ​sing in tune (= with ​correctlyproducednotes).

tuneverb [T]

 us   /tun/


to ​adjust a ​musicalinstrument so the ​soundsproduced are the ​correct pitch (= ​degree to which the ​sound is high or ​low): Tune ​yourguitar before you ​practice.

tune verb [T] (ADJUST SIGNAL)

to move the ​controls on a ​radio or ​television set so that it ​receivesprogramsbroadcast from a ​particularstation: Tune ​yourradio to 88.3 FM.

tune verb [T] (ADJUST ENGINE)

to ​change the setting of ​particularparts of an ​engine so that it ​works as well as ​possible: The ​engineneeds tuning.
(Definition of tune from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"tune" in Business English

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tunenoun [C]

uk   us   /tjuːn/
in tune with if a ​person or ​organization is in tune with ​people or ​ideas, they are able to understand them: These new ​products are in tune with the ​requirements of a younger ​market. His ​approach to HR is in tune with the new ​managementpolicies.
to the tune of informal used to ​talk about how much something ​costs: The ​organization is ​funded by the UN to the tune of $30 million. The ​company is in ​debt to the tune of several million ​Euros.

tuneverb [T]

uk   us   /tjuːn/
to make ​smallimprovements to something so that it is as good as possible for a particular ​purpose: The ​projectdeals with tuning and ​optimisingdatabaseperformance for a ​leading UK ​charity. They need ​time to tune the ​launch of this ​product. They ​provide finely tuned teaching ​support appropriate to pupils' ​individualneeds.
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(Definition of tune from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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in Arabic أغنيّة, لَحْن…
in Malaysian tiun…
in French air…
in Russian мелодия…
in Chinese (Traditional) 曲調, 曲調,曲子, 旋律…
in Italian canzone, musica, melodia…
in Turkish ezgi, melodi, nağme…
in Polish melodia…
in Spanish melodía…
in Vietnamese giai điệu…
in Portuguese música, melodia…
in Thai ทำนอง…
in German die Melodie…
in Catalan melodia…
in Japanese 曲, 歌, メロディー…
in Chinese (Simplified) 曲调, 曲调,曲子, 旋律…
in Indonesian lagu…
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