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"twist" in British English

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uk /twɪst/ us /twɪst/

twist verb (TURN)

C2 [ I or T ] to turn something, especially repeatedly, or to turn or wrap one thing around another:

The path twists and turns for over a mile.
She sat there nervously twisting the ring around on her finger.
She twisted her head (round) so she could see what was happening.
Twist the rope tightly round that post over there.

C1 [ T ] If you twist a part of your body, such as your ankle, you injure it by suddenly turning it:

She slipped on the ice and twisted her knee.

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twist verb (CHANGE)

C2 [ T ] disapproving to change information so that it gives the message you want it to give, especially in a way that is dishonest:

This report shows how she twisted the truth to claim successes where none, in fact, existed.
You're twisting my words - that's not what I said at all.


uk /twɪst/ us /twɪst/

twist noun (TURN)

[ C ] an act of twisting something:

She gave the cap another twist to make sure it was tight.
an Elvis-style twist of the hips

[ C ] the shape of or a piece of something that has been twisted:

a twist of hair
a twist of lemon

[ C ] a tight bend:

a path with many twists and turns

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twist noun (CHANGE)

[ C ] a change in the way in which something happens:

The story took a surprise twist today with media reports that the doctor had resigned.
The incident was the latest twist in the continuing saga of fraud and high scandal in banks and stock brokerages.
But for a cruel twist of fate/fortune, he could now be running his own business.
There's an unexpected twist in/to the plot towards the end of the film.

[ C ] a complicated situation or plan of action:

the twists and turns of fate
It has proved very difficult to unravel the twists and turns and contradictions of the evidence.

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"twist" in American English

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us /twɪst/

twist verb (TURN)

[ I/T ] to turn repeatedly, or to combine thin lengths of a material by turning or wrapping:

[ I ] A river twists through the valley.
[ I ] Vines twisted around the trunk of the old tree.

[ I/T ] If you twist a part of your body, you hurt it by turning it awkwardly:

[ T ] He twisted his knee in the game on Saturday.

twist verb (CHANGE)

[ T ] to change the meaning of facts or a statement; distort:

You’re twisting my words – that’s not what I meant at all.
During the trial, lawyers twisted the truth to gain the jury’s sympathy.

twistnoun [ C ]

us /twɪst/

twist noun [ C ] (TURN)

the act of twisting or turning repeatedly:

The path wound its way down the hill in a series of twists.
One more twist should tighten the cover.

A twist can also be something that has been twisted:

She added a twist of lemon to her cola.

twist noun [ C ] (CHANGE)

an unexpected change:

The incident was the latest twist in the story of the robbery.
Walnuts give a new twist to regular banana bread.

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