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"unanimous" in British English

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uk /juːˈnæn.ɪ.məs/ us /juːˈnæn.ə.məs/

C2 If a group of people are unanimous, they all agree about one particular matter or vote the same way, and if a decision or judgment is unanimous, it is formed or supported by everyone in a group:

The jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty after a short deliberation.
After a lengthy discussion we reached a unanimous decision on the proposal.
The new format has unanimous support.
adverb uk /juːˈnæn.ɪ.mə us /juːˈnæn.ə.mə


All four proposals to the committee were unanimously approved.

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"unanimous" in American English

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unanimousadjective [ not gradable ]

us /jʊˈnæn·ə·məs/

in complete agreement or showing complete agreement:

The school board was unanimous in its support of the decision.
The jury reached a unanimous verdict.
adverb [ not gradable ] us /jʊˈnæn·ə·məs·li/

Sportswriters unanimously picked him for the award.

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"unanimous" in Business English

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uk /juːˈnænɪməs/ us

if a feeling, decision, action, etc. is unanimous, everyone in a group feels it or agrees to it:

unanimous support/approval/agreement This is a sound plan that enjoys the unanimous support of the Board of Directors.
In the Senate, 60 votes are needed if there is not unanimous consent to proceed with a bill.
We reached a unanimous decision on the proposal.
It would require the unanimous vote of the board of supervisors to enact the rule.

[ only after noun ] if a group of people is unanimous, everyone agrees to something:

The committee was unanimous, and the new rules were made official.

(Definition of “unanimous” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)