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uk /ʌnˈiː.vən/ us /ʌnˈiː.vən/

uneven adjective (NOT EVEN)

C2 not level, equal, flat, or continuous:

Be careful on that path - the paving stones are uneven.
There is an uneven distribution of wealth across the country from the north to the south.
The contest was very uneven - the other team was much stronger than us.

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adverb uk /ʌnˈiː.və us /ʌnˈiː.və

The two boxers were unevenly matched.
noun [ U ] uk /ʌnˈiː.vən.nəs/ us /ʌnˈiː.vən.nəs/

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us /ʌnˈi·vən/

uneven adjective (NOT EQUAL)

not even :

The contest was uneven because one team was much stronger than the other.

uneven adjective (NOT FLAT)

not even :

an uneven surface

uneven adjective (NOT GOOD)

varying in quality; not always good:

It’s an uneven movie, but some of the scenes are hilariously funny.

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"uneven" in Business English

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uk /ʌnˈiːvən/ us

not following a regular or steady pattern, or not the same in every part:

The regional impact of the fall in house prices is uneven, with modest declines predicted in the south-east, while values are set to fall much more sharply in the south-west.
Politicians should be trying to tackle issues of economic fairness, such as the uneven distribution of benefits in the global financial system.
an uneven playing field

a situation that is unfair because not everyone has the same chance of succeeding:

Union officials are worried that negotiating separate deals with each site will create an uneven playing field.
noun [ U ] /ʌnˈIːvənnəs/

The unevenness in licensing standards shows the value of having the state interpret a single set of regulations.

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