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"unit" in British English

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uk   us   /ˈjuː.nɪt/

unit noun (SEPARATE PART)

B1 [C] a ​single thing or a ​separatepart of something ​larger: Each unit of the ​textbookfocuses on a different ​grammarpoint. The first ​year of the ​course is ​divided into four units. The ​companyplans to ​split into two or three units. [C] a ​piece of ​furniture or ​equipment that is ​intended to be ​fitted as a ​part of a set of ​similar or ​matchingpieces: kitchen/​shelf/​sink units [C] a ​smallmachine or ​part of a ​machine that has a ​particularpurpose: the ​centralprocessing unit of a ​computer a waste-disposal unit [C] specialized business a ​singlecompleteproduct of the ​type that a ​businesssells [C] US a ​singleapartment in a ​biggerbuilding: The ​oldhouse has been ​divided up into three ​rental units. a ​publichousing unit
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unit noun (PEOPLE)

C1 [C, + sing/pl verb] a ​group of ​peopleliving or ​working together, ​especially for a ​particularpurpose: the ​traditionalfamily unit Both ​soldiersspent two ​weeks in ​training before being ​allowed to ​rejointheir unit (= the ​particularpart of the ​army to which they ​belonged). Dr Nussbaum is ​director of the Civil Liberties Research Unit at King's College, London.
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unit noun (MEASUREMENT)

[C] a ​standardmeasure that is used to ​expressamounts: A ​centimetre is a unit of ​length. The ​standard unit of ​currency in the US is the ​dollar. UK [C] a ​standardmeasure of ​alcohol: Experts say that women should not ​drink more than 14 units of ​alcohol a ​week.


[C] a ​department in a ​hospital for the ​treatment of ​people with ​similarillnesses or ​conditions: She's in the ​burns/​paediatric/​psychiatric unit.

unit noun (SINGLE NUMBER)

[C] any ​wholenumber less than ten: Tens go in the ​left-handcolumn and units in the ​right. specialized mathematics [C] the ​number 1
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"unit" in American English

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unitnoun [C]

 us   /ˈju·nɪt/

unit noun [C] (SEPARATE PART)

a ​singleitem or a ​separatepart of something ​larger: The first ​year of the ​course is ​divided into four units. This ​apartmentbuilding has 60 units (= ​separateapartments). A unit is also a ​smallmachine or ​part of a ​machine that has a ​particularpurpose: the ​centralprocessing unit of a ​computer A unit is also a ​piece of ​furniture or ​equipment used as ​part of a set of ​similar or ​matchingpieces: a unit of a ​bookcase

unit noun [C] (PEOPLE)

a ​group of ​peopleliving or ​working together, esp. for a ​particularpurpose: a ​military unit He’s the ​surgeon in ​charge of the ​burn unit at the ​hospital.

unit noun [C] (MEASUREMENT)

a ​standardmeasure used to ​expressamounts: An ​inch is a unit of ​length. The ​dollar is the ​standard unit of ​currency in the US.
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"unit" in Business English

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unitnoun [C]

uk   us   /ˈjuːnɪt/
a ​single thing or ​separatepart of something larger: The ​trainingcourse is ​divided into five units, and ​takesplace over five days.
WORKPLACE a particular ​type of ​business or ​department within a larger ​organization: Shares in the ​pharmaceuticalcompany shot up to 2575p after the ​sale of its ​chemicals unit. Cellphone ​companies are still on the ​rise, but most of them are units of the traditional telcos. a business/​operating unit
FINANCE a ​singleshare or ​bond in a unit ​trust or mutualfund: Your ​investmentpurchases units that are ​linked to the Performance Fund.
PROPERTY an ​individualbuilding or ​house: industrial/​office units ahousing/​residential unit
a ​piece of ​machinery or ​equipmentdesigned to be used for a particular ​purpose: an air-conditioning unit kitchen/​shelving/wall-mounted units
PRODUCTION a ​singleproduct considered as ​part of the ​totalnumber of ​products that a ​companymanufactures or ​sells: Last ​year the ​companycutdomesticproduction to 3.1 million units.
MEASURES a ​measurement that is used as a ​standard to ​expressamounts: Women are ​advised not to ​consume more than 14 units of alcohol a week. a unit of ​energy/​measurement
(Definition of unit from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“unit” in Business English

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