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"us" in British English

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uk strong /ʌs/ weak /əs/ us strong /ʌs/ weak /əs/

us pronoun (GROUP)

A1 used as the object of a verb or a preposition to refer to a group that includes the speaker and at least one other person:

Thank you for driving us to the station.
Many of us in the editorial department disagree with the changes that are happening.

More examples

  • If you get to the restaurant before us just wait at the bar.
  • We really appreciate all the help you gave us last weekend.
  • We were asked to show some identification before the security guards would let us in.
  • The teacher asked us to form a circle and join hands.
  • She thinks she's better than the rest of us.


uk strong /ʌs/ /əs/ us /ʌs/ /əs/ Northern English not standard

the USnoun [ + sing/pl verb ]

uk /ˌjuːˈes/ us /ˌjuːˈes/

the USadjective

/ˌjuːˈes/ /ˌjuːˈes/

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"us" in American English

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uspronoun [ pl ]

us /ʌs, əs/

the person speaking with other people included; the form of "we" that follows the verb:

Thanks for giving us a lift to the airport.

USnoun [ U ]

us /ˈjuˈes/

abbreviation for United States:

a US citizen

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