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uk /ˈveɪ.kənt/ us /ˈveɪ.kənt/

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us /ˈveɪ·kənt/

vacant adjective (EMPTY)

[ not gradable ] (of a place) not being lived in or used, or (of a job or office) available for someone to do:

We have three vacant apartments in our building.

vacant adjective (NOT AWARE)

not showing much awareness or interest in the world around you:

There was a sad, vacant look in his eyes.

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"vacant" in Business English

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uk /ˈveɪkənt/ us

HR, WORKPLACE if a job is vacant, someone needs to be employed to do it:

The position had been vacant for more than a year.
become/be left/fall vacant Neither post looks likely to fall vacant within the next few months.
a vacant job/position/post
situations vacant

HR the name of the part of a newspaper, website, etc. where jobs are advertised:

He replied to an advert in the situations vacant column of the local paper.

PROPERTY empty and available to be used, rented, or bought:

Property developers have been left with many vacant apartments since the downturn in the housing market.
be/become/remain vacant

vacantnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈveɪkənt/ us US

PROPERTY a building that is empty and available to buy or rent:

Baltimore has announced plans for reducing the number of vacants in the city.

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