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"we" in British English

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uk strong /wiː/ weak /wi/ us strong /wiː/ weak /wi/

we pronoun (GROUP)

A1 used as the subject of a verb to refer to a group including the speaker and at least one other person:

Can we all go to the swimming pool this afternoon?
If you don't hurry up we'll be late.

used by a speaker or a writer to refer to themselves and the people listening or reading:

In today's lecture, we will be exploring the world economic situation.

More examples

  • We were just chatting about what we did last weekend.
  • We weren't married in church, but we had a civil ceremony in a registry office.
  • A friend recently sent me a newspaper clipping about someone we were at school with.
  • As we approached the hall we could hear the sound of laughter.
  • We'd save time on our journey if we went by train.

we pronoun (ALL PEOPLE)

B1 used as the subject of a verb to refer to all people, especially when considered as a group:

This planet on which we all live should be cherished and not exploited.

More examples

  • The way we waste this planet's resources is criminal.
  • He claimed that we are all descended from apes.
  • We all have basic human rights that should be observed.
  • The ideas we hold influence the way we see the world.
  • We still don't know how the universe was created.

we pronoun (YOU)

informal used as the subject of a verb to mean "you", especially when talking to a child or someone who is ill:

We don't want to be late for school, do we?
"How are we this morning, Mrs Flanagan?" said the doctor.


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"we" in American English

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wepronoun [ pl ]

us /wi, /

we pronoun [ pl ] (PEOPLE)

the person speaking and one or more others:

If you don’t hurry up we won’t be on time.

We can be used by a speaker or a writer to refer to the listener or person reading and the person speaking or writing:

We have to get started now if we’re going to finish this afternoon.

We can also mean you:

Now everyone, we don’t want to be late, do we?

we pronoun [ pl ] (ALL PEOPLE)

all people; everyone:

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