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whereadverb, conjunction

uk /weər/ us /wer/

A1 to, at, or in what place:

Where does he live?
"I put it on your desk." "Where? I can't see it."
Where are we going?
Now where did I put my glasses?
Where's the party being held?
Could you tell me where Barker Drive is, please?
Where did you put my umbrella?
I've left my keys somewhere and I don't know where.
You found my diary - where on earth was it?
I've been meaning to ask you where you get your hair cut.
Bradford, where Bren comes from, has a lot of good curry restaurants.
She lived in Rome for a couple of years, where she taught English.
You see where Mira is standing? Well, he's behind her.
I like to have him next to me where I can keep an eye on him.
I read it somewhere - I don't know where (= in which book, newspaper, etc.).

B2 used when referring to a particular stage in a process or activity:

You reach a point in any project where you just want to get the thing finished.
I've reached the stage where I just don't care any more.

in what situation:

You're not available on the 12th and Andrew can't make the 20th - so where does that leave us?
Where do you see yourself five years from now?

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"where" in American English

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whereconjunction, adverb [ not gradable ]

us /hweər, weər/

where conjunction, adverb [ not gradable ] (WHAT PLACE)

to, at, or in what place:

Where did she go to college?
I forget where I put the car keys.
I read it somewhere – I don’t know where (= the exact place).

Where can be used to mean at what stage:

You reach a point where you just want to get the thing finished.

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