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uk /ˈweð.ər/ us /ˈweð.ɚ/

B1 (used especially in reporting questions and expressing doubts) if, or not:

I wasn't sure whether you'd like it.
She asked me whether I was interested in working for her.
I'm wondering whether to have the fish or the beef.
I doubt whether it'll work.
I was merely questioning whether we have the money to fund such a project.
It all depends on whether or not she has the time.
Anyway, it's a good story, whether or not it's true.

B1 (used to introduce two or more possibilities) it is not important if:

I'm going, whether she likes it or not.
Someone has to tell her, whether it's you or me.
Let's face it - you're going to be late whether you go by bus or train.

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us /ˈhweð·ər, ˈweð-/

(used to refer to one or more possibilities or to express uncertainty) if:

I didn’t know whether he was too busy or (whether) he just didn’t want to see me.
I wasn’t sure whether (or not) you’d like it.


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However, whether we then have the courage to draw the right conclusions from this remains to be seen when we go into the next round.
I hope that in the next few years, we will also have this basis so that in 2020, we will be able to see whether we were successful or not.
There was disagreement about whether statistics can also be produced for the marine environment, in other words, statistics on the status of fish stocks.
We do not know whether its potential can be implemented on a large scale, but we should make the most of the opportunity.
You will be judged on enlargement towards the east, but also on whether you create your own room for manoeuvre in external policy.
Even without knowledge of whether any of the other animals have become infected, this action is nevertheless justifiable, precisely in order for the above objectives to be met.
Whether it is deliberate or through negligence, at the end of the day it makes very little difference because the damage is done.
All the same, we doubt whether such an initiative would be effective in view of the uncertainty surrounding the election preparations.
The question is whether you are willing to lend us an ear when something gives us cause for concern and we urgently need your support.
The easiest way to resolve this is to put, firstly, the principle of whether we move to vote, to the vote.

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