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uk /wɪðˈdrɔː.əl/ us /wɪðˈdrɑː.əl/

withdrawal noun (TAKING OUT)

C2 [ C or U ] when you take money out of a bank account:

The bank became suspicious after several large withdrawals were made from his account in a single week.

[ C or U ] the process or action of a military force moving out of an area:

The commander-in-chief was given 36 hours to secure a withdrawal of his troops from the combat zone.

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withdrawal noun (NO CONTACT)

[ U ] behaviour in which someone prefers to be alone and does not want to talk to other people:

Withdrawal is a classic symptom of depression.

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withdrawalnoun [ C/U ]

us /wɪθˈdrɔ·əl, wɪð-/

an act of taking something back, removing something, or moving something back:

[ C ] a troop withdrawal
[ C ] He had made several large withdrawals from his bank account (= He had taken out a lot of money).
[ C ] Her sudden withdrawal from the competition surprised everyone.

Withdrawal also means the physical and mental effects experienced when a person stops using a drug.

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"withdrawal" in Business English

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withdrawalnoun [ C or U ]

uk /wɪðˈdrɔːəl/ us

BANKING, FINANCE the act of taking money out of an account, or the amount of money taken:

The savings account only allows you to make three withdrawals a year.
There's a cash withdrawal limit of €500 per day.
There are large early withdrawal penalties attached to this mortgage.

[ U ] the act of stopping something from happening or being available:

withdrawal of sth The withdrawal of corporate sponsorship had a damaging impact on the company's performance.
withdrawal of an offer/support

[ U ] COMMERCE the process of removing a product from the market, either temporarily or permanently, because there is a problem with it:

The company is still struggling to rebuild its image following the withdrawal of its new cancer drug on safety grounds.
The cost of the product withdrawal was estimated at over $10 million.

[ U ] the state of no longer being involved in something:

withdrawal from sth The scandal led to her withdrawal from politics.

[ U ] the act of officially changing something you previously said:

withdrawal of an allegation/statement/complaint

(Definition of “withdrawal” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)