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uk /wɜːld/ us /wɝːld/

world noun (THE EARTH)

A1 [ S ] the earth and all the people, places, and things on it:

Different parts of the world have very different climatic conditions.
Which bridge has the longest span in the world?
News of the disaster shocked the (whole/entire) world.
We live in a changing world and people must learn to adapt.
She's a world authority on foetal development.

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world noun (GROUP/AREA)

B1 [ C usually singular ] a group of things such as countries or animals, or an area of human activity or understanding:

the Muslim world
the animal world
stars from the rock music world
Unexpected things can happen in the world of subatomic particles.

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us /wɜrld/

world noun (THE EARTH)

[ U ] the planet on which human life has developed, esp. including all people and their ways of life:

People from all over the world will be attending the conference.
The rapid growth of computers has changed the world.

[ U ] The world can also mean the whole physical universe:

The world contains many solar systems, not just ours.

world noun (WHOLE AREA)

[ C ] all of a particular group or type of thing, such as countries or animals, or a whole area of human activity or understanding:

the animal/plant world
the business world
the world of entertainment
In the world of politics, the president’s voice is still the most powerful in the nation.

world noun (LARGE DEGREE)

[ U ] a large degree; a lot:

There’s a world of difference between the two hotels.

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"world" in Business English

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worldnoun [ C, usually singular ]

uk /wɜːld/ us

a particular area of activity:

Our world of work is changing rapidly.
the world of advertising/the internet
the business/corporate world

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