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uk /raɪt/ us /raɪt/ wrote, written or old use writ

A1 [ I or T ] to make marks that represent letters, words, or numbers on a surface, such as paper or a computer screen, using a pen, pencil, or keyboard, or to use this method to record thoughts, facts, or messages:

When you fill in the form, please write clearly/legibly in black ink.
[ + speech ] "I hope to see you next Saturday," she wrote.
Why not write (down) your ideas on a piece of paper before you start?

A2 [ I or T ] to send a letter or message to someone, giving them information or expressing your thoughts or feelings:

She hasn't written to me (US also written me) recently.
[ + to infinitive ] My mother wrote to give me details about the party.
[ + -ing verb ] The travel company has written giving information about the trip.

[ T ] also write sth out to put all the information that is needed on a document:

Please will you write (out) your name and address in full.
[ + two objects ] I wrote him a cheque for £50.

B1 [ T ] to create and record something, such as a book, poem, song, or computer program, on paper or on a computer:

She writes children's books/poems.
Adam designed and wrote the software.
He wrote music for films and TV shows.
The book is very well written.

B1 [ I ] to have the job of creating books, stories, or articles that will be published:

She writes for a national newspaper.

[ + that ] to say something in a book, newspaper, magazine, or document:

In the article, he writes that the problems in the refugee camps are getting worse.

[ I ] specialized computing to record information in the memory of a computer:

There was a problem writing to the disk in the A drive.

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writeverb [ I/T ]

us /rɑɪt/ past tense wrote /roʊt/ , past participle written /ˈrɪt·ən/

write verb [ I/T ] (CREATE)

to create something for other people to read or use, such as a book, poem, letter, or piece of music:

[ T ] to write a poem/a story/a textbook
[ T ] They wrote some of the best songs of the 70s.
[ T ] They have written computer software to handle our sales records.
[ T ] Hammond wrote a letter to his mother/wrote his mother a letter.
[ I ] He writes well and is always a pleasure to read.

To write is also to put letters, words, numbers, or symbols on a paper, screen, or other surface using a pen, pencil, keyboard (= the keys of a computer), etc.:

[ T ] Please write your name on the dotted line.

Someone whose job is to write creates articles, stories, or books to be published:

[ I ] She writes for the New York Times.

To write also means to express an idea or opinion in an article, book, etc.:

[ + that clause ] He writes that our highways are getting safer.

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uk /raɪt/ us wrote, written

[ I or T ] to put letters, numbers or symbols on a piece of paper or a computer screen, using a pen, pencil or keyboard:

Write your name and address on the form.
The negative figures were written in red.

[ I or T ] to create a document in order to supply information or communicate with someone:

He wrote a letter of complaint to the Customer Services Department.
A report written by the finance committee made several cost-cutting recommendations.

[ T ] also write sth out to put all the necessary information on a form:

They wrote me a cheque for $5,000 in compensation.

[ T ] INSURANCE to provide insurance:

The bank does not write its own insurance but offers building and contents cover through a third party.

[ T ] IT to record data in the memory of a computer or a disk:

write sth to sth The file failed to write to disk because it was too large.

[ T ] IT to create a computer program:

The computer package was specially written for market research purposes.

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