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uk /zɪp/ us /zɪp/

zip noun (DEVICE)

B2 [ C ] UK US zipper a device consisting of two rows of metal or plastic teeth-like parts that are brought together by pulling a small sliding piece over them, used for closing openings in clothing, bags, etc.:

to do up/undo a zip
I can't open my bag - the zip has stuck.

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zip noun (SPEED)

[ U ] informal energy or speed:

The new engine has given the car a lot more zip.


uk /zɪp/ us /zɪp/ -pp-

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us /zɪp/ -pp-

zip verb (FASTEN)

[ T ] to fasten a bag, clothing, etc. with a zipper:

[ T ] I’ve got so much stuff in this bag, I can’t zip it shut.
[ M ] You have to help the kids zip their coats up.

zip verb (MOVE FAST)

[ I always + adv/prep ] to travel very fast:

Messengers on bicycles zipped fearlessly through the capital’s traffic.

zipnoun [ U ]

us /zɪp/ infml

zip noun [ U ] (MOVE FAST)

something that creates a feeling of energy or excitement:

Add pepper to give a little zip to the sauce.

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zipverb [ T ]

uk /zɪp/ us -pp- IT

to reduce the size of a computer file so that it uses less space, and can be more easily sent or stored:

If you zip the file, it makes it easier to send.

(Definition of “zip” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)