Meaning of “alone” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective, adverb us uk /əˈləʊn/
Extra Examples
I don't feel comfortable about leaving the children here alone.I don't like going out alone in the dark.Many women are fearful of travelling alone.Just clear off and leave me alone!She was left alone for long periods.
NO OTHER PEOPLE [ never before noun ]

A2 without other people:

She lives alone.
We're all alone.
ONLY ONE [ always after noun ]

used to emphasize that only one person or thing is involved:

Last year alone the company made a million dollars.
You alone know how you feel.
leave sb alone

B2 to stop talking to someone or annoying them:

Leave him alone, he's tired.
leave sth alone

to stop touching something:

Leave your hair alone!
→ See also let alone

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