Meaning of “apply” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /əˈplaɪ/
Extra Examples
to apply for a position in a companyWhich schools did you apply for?I'm still undecided about whether to apply for the job.I'm entitled to apply for citizenship.I applied for a position a grade higher than my current job.
ASK [ I ]

B1 to ask officially for something, often by writing:

I've applied for a job.
He has applied to several companies.

B2 to affect or relate to a particular person or situation:

This law only applies to married people.
USE [ T ]

to use something in a particular situation:

The same method can be applied to other situations.

to spread a substance on a surface:

Apply the cream daily until the symptoms disappear.
apply yourself

to work hard:

If he doesn't apply himself, he'll never pass his exams.

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