Meaning of “around” - Learner’s Dictionary


adverb, preposition uk us /əˈraʊnd/
IN A CIRCLE (also UK round)

A2 on all sides of something:

They sat around the table.
He put his arms around her waist.
DIRECTION (also UK round)

B1 to the opposite direction:

He turned around and looked at her.

A2 in a circular movement:

This lever turns the wheels around.
ALONG OUTSIDE (also UK round)

along the outside of something, not through it:

You have to walk around the house to get to the garden.
TO A PLACE (also UK round)

A2 to or in different parts of a place:

She showed me around the museum.
SEVERAL PLACES (also UK round)

B1 from one place or person to another:

She passed a plate of sandwiches around.
There's a virus going around the school.

B2 here, or near this place:

Is Roger around?

present or available:

Mobile phones have been around for years now.

A2 used before a number or amount to mean 'approximately':

around four o'clock
around twenty thousand pounds
→ See also throw your weight around

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