Meaning of “assume” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /əˈsjuːm/

B2 to think that something is likely to be true, although you have no proof:

[ + (that) ] Everything was quiet when I got home so I assumed that you had gone out.

More examples

  • I assumed he was foreign.
  • I assumed she meant later.
  • You can't just assume that she understands.
  • I assumed that you knew each other.
  • He'd assumed we would be there.
assume control/power/responsibility, etc

to take a position of control/power/responsibility, etc:

He has assumed the role of spokesman for the group.
assume an air/expression, etc formal

to pretend to have a feeling that you do not have

assume a false identity/name, etc

to pretend to be someone else:

an assumed name

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