Meaning of “at” - Learner’s Dictionary


preposition us uk strong /æt/ weak /ət/
Extra Examples
He greeted me at the door.Every child is guaranteed a place at a local school.A girl was handing out leaflets at the station.I got hold of a copy at the local library.Ideally, I'd like to work at home.

A1 used to show the place or position of something or someone:

We met at the station.
She was sitting at the table.
She's at the library.

A1 used to show the time something happens:

The meeting starts at three.

A1 towards or in the direction of:

She threw the ball at him.
He's always shouting at the children.

B1 used after an adjective to show a person's ability to do something:

He's good at making friends.
I've always been useless at tennis.

A2 used to show the cause of something, especially a feeling:

We were surprised at the news.

B2 used to show the price, speed, level, etc of something:


used to show a state or activity:

She was hard at work when I arrived.
a country at war

A1 the @ symbol, used in email addresses to separate the name of a person, department, etc from the name of the organization or company

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