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noun [ C ] us uk /bɑːr/
Extra Examples
Jazz legend, Ella Fitzgerald, once sang in this bar.They went off in search of a bar.They were arrested for smashing up a hotel bar.There is live entertainment in the bar every night.They finished their drinks and left the bar.

A1 a place where alcoholic drinks are sold and drunk, or the area behind the person serving the drinks:

I met him in a bar in Soho.

B1 a small block of something solid:

a chocolate bar
gold bars

B2 a long, thin piece of metal or wood:

There were bars on the downstairs windows.

something that prevents you doing something or having something:

Lack of money should not be a bar to a good education.

one of the short, equal groups of notes that a piece of music is divided into:

The band played the first few bars.
the bar

lawyers thought of as a group:

Haughey was called to the bar (= became a lawyer) in 1949.

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