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verb us uk strong /biː/ weak /bi, / present participle being, past tense was, past participle been
Extra Examples
She's tall.Is she French?Are you ready?He was angry.Don't be silly!

A1 used to describe or give information about someone or something:

I'm sixteen.
I'm Andy.
Her mother is a teacher.
He's German.
They were very upset.
He was very ill last year.
I'm sorry I'm late.
They've been unlucky.
Be quiet!
there is/there are/there was, etc

A1 used to show that someone or something exists:

There were about fifty people at the party.
Is there a bank near here?

A1 used to show the position of someone or something:

It's been in the cupboard for months.
She's in the kitchen.
it is/it was, etc

used to give a fact or your opinion about something:

It's not surprising that she left him.
It's a good idea to keep a spare key somewhere safe.

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