Meaning of “better” - Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈbetər/
Extra Examples
It's a lot better than the old system.These changes will mean better health care for everyone.For another £30 you can get a better model.I would gladly pay extra for better service.It would have been better if she'd told us she was coming.

A1 comparative of good adjective : of a higher quality, more effective, or more enjoyable than something or someone else:

Jeff's been offered a better job in the States.
The sales figures were better than expected.
Her English has got a lot better (= improved) recently.
It would have been better to have discussed the problem first.

A1 healthy, or less sick than before:

I feel much better.
I hope you get better soon.
the bigger/brighter/hotter, etc the better

used to say that the bigger, brighter, hotter, etc something is, the more pleased you will be

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