Meaning of “borrow” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /ˈbɒrəʊ/
Extra Examples
Hold on a minute, Pete! I never said you could borrow my car.Next time, ask my permission before you borrow the car.Only borrow money if you're sure you can pay it back.We had to borrow some money from my father to pay the bill.Do you think he'd mind if I borrowed his book?
USE [ T ]

A2 to use something that belongs to someone else and give it back later:

Can I borrow a pen please?
I borrowed the book from my sister.
MONEY [ I, T ]

to take money from a bank or financial organization and pay it back over a period of time

IDEA [ T ]

to take and use a word or idea:

The English word 'rucksack' is borrowed from German.

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