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verb us uk /kɔːl/
Extra Examples
Mexico City's main plaza is called the Zocalo.A doctor is often called a 'GP', an abbreviation for 'general practitioner'.The European Union was formerly called the European Community.It was called the Biko building, after the famous South African.He's called Ken Russell, no relation to the film director.
be called sth

A1 to have a particular name:

a man called John
What's your dog called?
Their latest record is called "Ecstasy".
GIVE NAME [ + two objects ]

B1 to give someone or something a particular name:

I want to call the baby Alex.
DESCRIBE [ + two objects ]

B2 to describe someone or something in a particular way:

She called him a liar.
Doctors are calling it an epidemic.

B2 to ask someone to come somewhere:

She called me into her office.
He was called to an emergency meeting.
SHOUT [ I, T ] also call out

B1 to shout or say something in a loud voice:

I thought I heard someone calling my name.

A2 to telephone someone:

He called me every night while he was away.
Has anyone called the police?
VISIT [ I ] mainly UK UK call by/in/round

to visit someone for a short time:

John called round earlier.
call an election/meeting, etc

to arrange for an election/meeting, etc to happen:

The chairman has called an emergency meeting.
→ See also call sb's bluff , call it a day

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