Meaning of “call” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /kɔːl/
TELEPHONE (also phone call)

A2 an occasion when you telephone someone:

Give me a call tomorrow.
I got a call from Sue this morning.
a call for sth

a demand for something to happen:

a call for action/peace

a short visit:

I thought I'd pay Gary a call.

B1 a shout to someone


a sound made by a bird or other animal

sb's call informal

someone's decision about what to do:

I don't mind what we do - it's your call.
call for sth

need or demand for a particular thing:

There's not much call for interior designers round here.
be on call

to be ready to go to work if you are needed, as part of your job

→ See also be at sb's beck and call , wake-up call , a close call

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