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verb us uk /tʃek/
Extra Examples
Hold on! I'll just check my diary.We've still got to check the figures but we'll do that last.I read over my essay to check for errors.First of all check you have all the correct ingredients.Use a dictionary to check the spelling of difficult words.

A2 to examine something in order to make sure that it is correct or the way it should be:

[ + (that) ] I went to check that I'd locked the door.
Have you checked your facts?
I knelt down beside the body and checked for a pulse.
I haven't had my eyes checked recently.

B1 to find out about something:

[ + question word ] I'll check whether Peter knows about the party.
ASK [ I ]

B2 to ask someone for permission to do something:

I'd like to stay overnight, but I need to check with my parents.
STOP [ T ]

to stop something bad from increasing or continuing:

The government needs to find a way to check rising inflation.
MARK [ T ] US UK tick

to put a mark by an answer to show that it is correct, or by an item on a list to show that you have dealt with it


to leave your coat, bags, or other possessions temporarily in someone's care:

Passengers on this flight will be allowed one carry-on bag, and will have to check any additional bags.
→ See also double-check

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