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adjective us uk /kləʊs/
Extra Examples
I wasn't close enough to hear what they were saying.He was standing dangerously close to the edge.I tried to get closer to the front of the hall.The house is very close to the mountains.How close are you to the sea?

A1 near in distance:

His house is close to the airport.

A1 near in time:

It was close to lunchtime when we arrived.

A2 If people are close, they know each other very well and like each other a lot:

close friends
I'm very close to my brother.
RELATIVE [ always before noun ]

B1 A close relative is someone who is directly related to you, for example your mother, father, or brother.


seeing or talking with someone a lot:

Our school has close links with a school in China.
I'm still in close contact with my school friends.
be/come close to doing sth

to almost achieve or do something:

We are close to reaching an agreement.
be close to sth

If someone or something is close to a particular state, they are almost in that state:

She was close to tears.

B2 A close game, competition, etc is one in which people's scores are nearly the same.

CAREFUL [ always before noun ]

looking at or listening to someone or something very carefully:

On close inspection, you could see that the painting was a fake.
Keep a close watch on the children (= watch them carefully).

Close weather is too warm and there is not enough fresh air.

closeness noun [ U ]

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