Meaning of “contact” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈkɒntækt/
Extra Examples
I'm still in close contact with my school friends.Even after we parted company, we remained in contact.We've lost contact over the years.Have you been in contact with John recently?When he was in prison, his radio was his only contact with the outside world.

B1 communication with someone, especially by speaking to them:

We keep in close contact with our grandparents.
Jo and I are determined not to lose contact.

a situation in which two people or things are touching each other:

She dislikes any kind of physical contact.
Wash your hands if they come into contact with chemicals.

A2 someone you know who may be able to help you because of their job or position:

business contacts
EYE [ C ] also contact lens

a small piece of plastic that you put on your eye to make you see more clearly

→ See also eye contact

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