Meaning of “cost” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /kɒst/
MONEY [ C, U ]

A2 the amount of money that you need to buy or do something:

The cruise ship was built at a cost of $400 million.
Software is included at no extra cost.
The cost of living (= the cost of food, clothes, etc) has increased.

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SOMETHING GIVEN [ no plural ]

B2 something that you give or lose, in order to get or achieve something else:

He rescued four people at the cost of his own life.
at all costs

B2 If something must be done at all costs, it is very important that it is done:

We have to succeed at all costs.
to your cost UK

because of a bad experience you have had:

An ankle injury can last a long time, as I know to my cost.

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