Meaning of “develop” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /dɪˈveləp/
Extra Examples
Dancing helps develop balance and coordination.We had some say in how our jobs would develop.The violence has developed into a full-scale war.Our experiences in childhood have a profound effect on the way we develop as adults.It can be difficult to develop ideas into stories.

B1 to grow or change and become more advanced, or to make someone or something do this:

The baby develops inside the mother for nine months.
She's taking a course to develop her computer skills.
He's developing into a very good tennis player.
MAKE [ T ]

B1 to make something new such as a product:

Scientists are developing new drugs all the time.

B2 to start to have something, such as an illness, problem, or feeling:

Shortly after take-off the plane developed engine trouble.
He's recently developed an interest in football.

to start to happen or exist:

Further problems may develop if you do not deal with this now.
FILM [ T ]

to use special chemicals on a piece of film to make photographs appear:

I need to get my holiday photos developed.

to build houses, factories, shops, etc on a piece of land

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