Meaning of “direct” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /dɪˈrekt, daɪˈrekt/
Extra Examples
his plans to direct a filmStillman directed a very sharp and amusing film.He was invited to direct a production of Hamlet.The play is written and directed by Alan Ayckbourn.The comedy is directed by Paul Mazursky.

B1 to tell the actors in a film or play what to do:

a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock
direct sth against/at/towards, etc sb/sth

to aim something at someone or something:

The demonstrators' anger was directed at the police.

B1 to show or tell someone how to get to a place:

Can you direct me to the manager's office please?

to organize and control the way something is done:

He directed the building of the new art gallery.
direct sb to do sth formal

to officially order someone to do something:

They directed us not to discuss the matter.

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