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verb us uk /duː/ past tense did, past participle done
Extra Examples
Imagine being able to do all your shopping from your armchair.If you're busy now we could do it later on.I've got so many things to do this morning.We'll do everything we possibly can to help.He was doing a crossword puzzle.

A1 to perform an action or job:

What are you doing this weekend?
What does she do? (= What is her job?)
MAKE [ T ]

A2 to make or prepare something:

Our printer only does black and white copies.
Max's Cafe does great sandwiches.
do badly/well, etc

B1 to be unsuccessful/successful, etc:

Sam did very well UK in her exams/ US on her exams.
do biology/French/history, etc UK
do your hair/make-up, etc

B1 to make your hair/make-up, etc look nice

do sb good

B2 to have a good effect on someone:

A holiday would do you good.
do damage/harm, etc

B2 to cause damage/harm, etc:

Luckily the fire didn't do much damage.
will do

will be satisfactory:

You don't have to pay now, next week will do.

to travel at a particular speed:

For most of the journey we were doing 70 miles an hour.

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