Meaning of “drop” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /drɒp/ present participle dropping, past tense and past participle dropped
Extra Examples
He dropped the bag and all the apples fell out.He dropped his cigarette and burnt a hole in his jacket.He dropped his spoon with a clatter.She was worried that she'd drop the child.He had dropped the tray he was carrying.

to let something you are carrying fall to the ground:

She tripped and dropped the vase.
The dog dropped the stick at my feet.
FALL [ I ]

B1 to fall:

The ball dropped to the ground.

B2 If a level or amount drops, it becomes less:

Unemployment has dropped from 8% to 6% in the last year.
TAKE [ T ] also drop off

to take someone or something to a place, usually by car as you travel somewhere else:

I can drop you at the station on my way to work.

B2 If you drop a plan, activity, or idea, you stop doing or planning it:

Plans for a new supermarket have been dropped.
When we heard the news, we dropped everything (= stopped what we were doing) and rushed to the hospital.

to decide to stop including someone in a group or team:

The coach dropped me from the team.
drop it/the subject

to stop talking about something, especially because it is annoying or upsetting someone

VOICE [ I, T ]

If your voice drops, or if you drop your voice, you talk more quietly.

→ See also be dropping like flies (fly)

to put text, a file, a picture, etc. in a particular place on a computer screen using your mouse:

Just drag and drop the images into your presentation.

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