Meaning of “end” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /end/
FINAL PART [ no plural ]

A1 the final part of something such as a period of time, activity, or story:

I'll pay you at the end of next month.
I didn't meet him until the end of the course.
a film with a twist at the end

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A2 the furthest part or final part of a place or thing:

They live at the other end of the street.
They were standing at opposite ends of the room.
STOP [ C ]

B2 the time when something stops happening:

[ usually singular ] They are calling for an end to the violence.
in the end

B1 finally, after something has been thought about or discussed a lot:

We thought we might go abroad for Christmas, but in the end we stayed at home.
come to an end

to finish

put an end to sth

B2 to make something stop happening or existing:

He's determined to put an end to these rumours.
bring sth to an end

to make something finish:

The stories in the newspaper brought her career to a sudden end.
no end informal

a lot:

I've had no end of trouble finding a hotel room.
for hours/days, etc on end

for hours/days, etc without stopping:

He waited by the telephone for hours on end.

an intention or purpose:

She only has one end in mind.

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