Meaning of “ever” - Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /ˈevər/

A2 at any time:

Have you ever been skiing?
If you're ever in town, do come and see me.
No one ever calls me anymore.

More examples

better/faster/happier, etc than ever

better/faster/happier, etc than at any time before

hardly ever

B1 almost never:

We hardly ever go out these days.
ever since

B1 always since that time:

We met at school and have been friends ever since.
ever so/ever such a mainly UK

B2 very/a very:

She's ever so pretty.
She's ever such a pretty girl.
for ever UK UK/US forever

B1 always in the future:

I'm not going to live here for ever.
ever-changing/growing/increasing, etc

always changing/growing/increasing, etc

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