Meaning of “few” - Learner’s Dictionary


quantifier us uk /fjuː/
Extra Examples
There's a few spelling mistakes in your essay.Can I ask you a few questions?It'll only take a few minutes.He's still a few pounds overweight.He's got a few personal problems at the moment.
a few

A2 some, or a small number of:

She's staying at the cottage for a few days.
It'll be here in a few minutes.
I met a few of the other employees at my interview.
quite a few/a good few

A2 quite a large number of:

Quite a few people have had the same problem.

B1 not many, or only a small number of:

We get few complaints.
Few of the children can read or write yet.
Very few people can afford to pay those prices.
few and far between

not happening or existing very often:

Opportunities like this are few and far between.

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