Meaning of “form” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun uk us /fɔːm/
TYPE [ C ]

B2 a type of something or way of doing something:

Swimming is the best form of exercise.

A2 a printed document with spaces for you to write information:

Please fill in/out the form using black ink.
the form of sth

the particular way in which something exists:

The novel is written in the form of a series of letters.
The medicine comes in the form of a liquid or pills.

In sport, someone's form is how well or badly they are performing:

The team seems to have lost its form lately.
be in/on/off form UK

If someone is in form or on form, they are feeling or performing well, and if they are off form they are not feeling or performing well:

Harry was on good form last night.
SCHOOL GROUP [ C ] UK (US grade)

B1 a school class or group of classes for students of the same age or ability:

He's in the third form.

the body or shape of someone or something


B1 a way of writing or saying a word that shows if it is singular or plural, past or present, etc:

The plural form of 'sheep' is 'sheep'.
→ See also application form , sixth form

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