Meaning of “free” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /friː/ present participle freeing, past tense and past participle freed
Extra Examples
He should never have been freed from jail.He was freed after being questioned by police.A man accused of theft was freed by a judge yesterday.They agreed to free the prisoners.The decision to free the men has been criticized.

B2 to allow someone to leave a prison or place where they have been kept:

The last hostages were finally freed yesterday.

to get someone out of a situation or place that they cannot escape from:

Firefighters worked for two hours to free the driver from the wreckage.

to help someone by taking something unpleasant away from them:

The book's success freed her from her financial worries.
MAKE AVAILABLE also free up

to make something available for someone to use:

I need to free up some space for these files.

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