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adjective us uk /freʃ/
Extra Examples
a fresh approach to tackling crimefresh clues in the search for the missing womanPolice are appealing for fresh information.This will raise fresh worries for the government.He brought some fresh thinking to the project.

B1 new or different from what was there before:

We're looking for fresh ideas.
They decided to move abroad and make a fresh start.

A2 Fresh food has been produced or collected recently and has not been frozen, dried, etc.:

fresh bread
fresh air

B1 air outside buildings that is clean and cool:

Let's go outside and get some fresh air.
fresh water

water from lakes, rivers, etc that has no salt in it


having a lot of energy and not feeling tired:

We got up the next day feeling fresh and relaxed.

Fresh skin looks healthy:

a fresh complexion

B2 recently made or done and not yet changed by time:

The memory of the accident is still very fresh in my mind.
fresh from/out of sth

having just left a place:

The new French teacher's fresh out of college.
freshness noun [ U ]

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