Meaning of “fulfil” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb present participle fulfilling, past tense and past participle fulfilled UK US fulfill us uk /fʊlˈfɪl/
fulfil a duty/promise/responsibility, etc

to do something that you have promised to do or that you are expected to do:

He has failed to fulfil his duties as a father.
fulfil an ambition/dream/goal, etc

to do something that you really wanted to do:

She has finally fulfilled her childhood ambition to swim with dolphins.
fulfil a function/need/role, etc

to do something that is necessary or useful:

You seem to fulfil a very useful role in the organization.
fulfil criteria/requirements/qualifications, etc

to have all the qualities that are wanted or needed for something:

You have to fulfil certain requirements to qualify for the competition.

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