Meaning of “gain” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /ɡeɪn/
Extra Examples
He stands to gain a fortune if the company is sold.The rebels have gained the support of the people.Ellen gained recognition for her outstanding work.He gained a place in the team.There's nothing to be gained from further investigation.
GET [ T ]

B1 to get something useful or positive:

The country gained independence in 1948.
You'll gain a lot of experience working there.
gain by/from sth

to get an advantage or something valuable from something:

Who stands to gain from the will?

B2 to increase in something such as size, weight, or amount:

He's gained a lot of weight in the last few months.
CLOCK [ I, T ]

If a clock or a watch gains, it works too quickly and shows a time that is later than the real time.

→ See also gain/lose ground , get/gain the upper hand

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