Meaning of “go on” - Learner’s Dictionary

go on

phrasal verb with go us uk /ɡəʊ/ verb [ I ] present participle going, past tense went, past participle gone

B1 to last for a particular period of time:

The film seemed to go on forever.

B2 to continue doing something:

[ + doing sth ] We can't go on living like this.
go on to do sth

to do something else in the future:

He went on to win the final.

B1 to happen:

What's going on?

to talk in an annoying way about something for a long time:

I wish she'd stop going on about her boyfriend.

to start talking again after stopping for a short time:

He paused and then went on with his story.
Go on informal

something that you say to encourage someone to do something:

Go on, what happened next?

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