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adjective us uk /ɡʊd/ better, best
Extra Examples
There's a good film on TV tonight."Did you have a good holiday?" "Yes, thanks."We should make the most of this good weather.Have you read any good novels lately?I have a very good social life.

A1 enjoyable, pleasant, or interesting:

a good book
Did you have a good time at the party?

A1 of a high quality or level:

She speaks good French.
The food at this restaurant is very good.

A1 successful, or able to do something well:

Anne's a good cook.
She's very good at geography.

A1 kind or helpful:

a good friend
My granddaughter is very good to me.

A1 something that you say when a person asks how you are:

'Hi, how are you?' 'I'm good, thanks.'

A1 having a positive or useful effect:

Exercise is good for you.

A2 suitable or satisfactory:

When would be a good time to call?

A2 A good child or animal behaves well.


B1 morally right:

a good person
He sets a good example to the rest of the class.

complete and detailed:

She got a good look at the robbers.

B2 used to emphasize the number, amount, quality, etc of something:

There's a good chance he'll pass the exam.

A1 something you say when you are satisfied or pleased about something or when you agree with something:

Oh good, he's arrived at last.
Good God/grief/heavens!, etc

used to express surprise or shock:

Good heavens! It's already 11 p.m.
a good 20 minutes/30 miles, etc

not less than 20 minutes/30 miles, etc and probably a bit more

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