Meaning of “hang” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /hæŋ/ hung
Extra Examples
Can you find anywhere to hang your coat?One of the pictures had been hung upside down.She hung her clothes outside to dry.She hung some pictures around the room for decoration.Liz removed her jacket and hung it on a chair.

B1 to fasten something so that the top part is fixed but the lower part is free to move, or to be fastened in this way:

He hung his coat on the hook behind the door.
KILL [ I, T ] past also hanged

B2 to kill someone by putting a rope around their neck and making them drop, or to die in this way:

The poor woman tried to hang herself with her sheet.
IN AIR [ I ]

to stay in the air for a long time:

Thick fog hung over the town.
→ See also be/hang in the balance , hang your head (in shame)

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